HighRoller Bonuses

You might have heard the term high roller before. High roller bonuses clearly relate to these, but what does it all mean?

What - or who - is a high roller?

We've given you a huge clue there by including the word 'who' in the subtitle. These are individuals who regularly place large bets on casino games. You might see them at regular bricks and mortar casinos, but they also appear at online casinos. They're known by other names too, but the high roller tag seems to have stuck online.

How much would you need to wager to be considered a high roller?

There is no specific amount of money that qualifies anyone for this title. However, you will notice that such players regularly bet large sums on any games they decide to play. They don't merely place the occasional bet, but instead set down plenty of them. They need a huge bankroll to do this, and this fact means casinos tend to view them with interest.

Of course, if they lay down a bet and it triggers a prize, the size of the prize is going to be much bigger. However, since most bets are going to result in a loss to the player, you can bet they'll burn through a lot of cash while they're playing.

Looking for casino high roller bonuses

Casinos regularly lay on bonuses for all manner of players. However, there are often bigger bonuses reserved for high rollers. These tend to offer far bigger bonus amounts for those willing to deposit bigger sums to get them.

If you think you qualify for such bonuses, make sure you can afford to make the qualifying deposit. You should also check on the wagering requirements for the bonus, as they could be high and tough to meet given the amounts involved.

Casinos regularly cater to high rollers with tailored bonuses

In some cases, there could be bonuses to claim inside the VIP club or loyalty area that give away even more rewards for players to take advantage of. The money these players bring in means that the casino can afford to create some amazing bonuses and advantages for these players to claim.

If you see an online casino with several levels inside the VIP Club, you can bet the high rollers are the ones who regularly make it to the upper echelons of the club. In cases where the casino has a regular loyalty program followed by an invite-only VIP club, only the high rollers will receive those invites. These allow the players to collect some special high roller bonus deals no one else can claim.

Anyone considering claiming such a bonus should always take the usual path of reading the small print first. It's only good to claim it if you know you can meet the terms for the bonus before the time runs out to do so.