The answer may depend on which casino you're visiting. However, it is now more common than ever before for the answer to be yes. Online casinos are continually developing, adding new games, features, promotions, and yes, even payment methods. Here, we discover more about Bitcoin and why it has become a popular choice for depositing casino players.

What's the deal with Bitcoin?

It is one of many cryptocurrencies people can use online today. However, it is arguably the one that most people will recognize. While some people are dubious about using a currency that isn't backed by anything, others see the advantages of using Bitcoin to deposit at online casinos.

The security, anonymity, and safety of using a cryptocurrency such as this are all big draws for casino players. You need a specific Bitcoin wallet to keep the currency in, with a possibility of downloading one for tablet, smartphone, or computer use. You're able to make a fast and simple transfer of Bitcoin - or mBTC - into your designated casino account.

If a casino does offer Bitcoin as a deposit option, it usually supplies a guide or page telling you how to make a deposit in this manner. You'll also get their details so you can be sure of sending the mBTC to the correct place.

Crypto casinos and casinos with Bitcoin among their banking facilities

These are the two basic types of casinos that might welcome Bitcoin deposits. Some casinos that already existed ended up adding Bitcoin to their existing list of deposit methods. These are not Bitcoin casinos, technically, although they do welcome the currency. They may also add other virtual currencies to their cashier area, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others.

The second type is one that we have seen come to the fore in recent years. This is the crypto casino - so called because it is based around virtual currencies and nothing else. To join one of these casinos, you must make a deposit using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Some prefer these, but it really depends on your stance and experience with virtual currencies.

Watch out for some Bitcoin bonuses too

These have become popular among many casino players, and they tend to appear at the casinos that began with standard deposit methods and then added Bitcoin later. The idea is that the standard welcome bonus gets another boost if you choose Bitcoin as your deposit method. This could be a free chip or an increased deposit percentage bonus.

However, if you are going to join a Bitcoin casino, you can usually expect to see a percentage bonus there too. This would show a maximum bonus amount, just as a standard casino would, but in this case it would be shown in Bitcoin rather than another currency.