Online Casino Bonus Guide

If you're keen on playing casino games online, you've probably heard about casino bonuses. You may even have claimed one or two if you've signed up to one or more of those websites.

However, bonuses come in many guises, so it can be tricky to know how they vary and what to expect from each one. We're going to go through various bonuses here, so you have a far better idea of what each one offers.

No deposit bonuses

Every casino player loves finding these. Some casinos like to welcome players with a no deposit bonus. So, you might receive a few dollars to play with or a few free spins. Sometimes, the spin version of the deal allows you to play almost anything other than progressive jackpot slots. In other cases, you might have the chance to play the spins on a promoted game. This could be a new release or just a game that is popular among fans. We've seen a few deals giving away spins for the Starburst slot, for example.

Welcome bonuses, packages, and first deposit bonuses

All varied terms to describe the same thing, really, although some welcome offers consist of only one deposit deal, whereas others contain two, three, four, five, and sometimes even more. We've seen a couple of offers with 10 deposit deals included.

In each case, though, you'll receive a bonus when you make your first deposit. As we've seen, you may get other bonuses for extra deposits as well. However, they all work in much the same way, so you can read the facts about your first deposit bonus and go by those to learn more about what might come after them.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses usually come into play when you've gone through your welcome deals. You can then make another deposit using a reload bonus. This is usually for a lower percentage than the welcome deal, yet it is still a super way of bolstering your casino balance.

Daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses

Some casinos really go big on these offers. If you can find daily deals, you know that every day is going to present you with a superb offer to claim. Weekly and monthly ones work much the same way, although they'll each be available for longer.

Some of the most popular examples of a monthly bonus connect to various slot games too. So, you might see a Game of the Month deal offering you some free spins, a deposit offer, or both, for that bonus.

Deposit method bonuses

The best example of this casino bonus is the Bitcoin bonus or cryptocurrency bonus, if more than one virtual currency is available on the site. Many casinos want to encourage more players to use these virtual currencies, so it makes sense for them to add a sweetener to make this happen.

So, for example, you might see a welcome bonus offering 100% on your first deposit. If you deposit via Bitcoin, you'd receive a 125% bonus instead. Another version of this sees something else added on. You might receive the standard 100% bonus plus a free chip, for instance.

VIP bonuses

Most casinos have a VIP program or other program that allows players to earn comp points. Some are invitation only, but many welcome paying players through the doors once they've deposited a small amount - usually only around $20 or $25. Do check the individual casino though, as there are differences in this area.

In most cases, you'll also have several levels to go through. Whenever you reach a new one, you'll earn improved bonuses. However, even if you never go beyond the first level, you'll still have a chance to enjoy many different bonuses.

Use and complete one bonus at a time

This is the usual way of making the most of various casino bonuses. You need to make sure you can follow the completion instructions for each deal, otherwise you won't be able to withdraw any winnings from your account. Fortunately, every casino supplies full terms and instructions along with every bonus, so you just need to read and understand them before claiming anything.

Once you're used to the idea of casino bonuses and how to use them, you'll know what to watch for and how to find the best offers for your requirements.