Online Slots Tournaments

Have you ever taken part in an online slot tournament? You may have found your way to this page because you're wondering how they work and whether they're worth entering. So many questions tend to crop up when we cover this topic or chat with players about it.

So, we decided to answer some of the questions players tend to have about the tournaments right here. If you are curious, read on… as we are about to find out how they work and what you should expect from them.

Free roll tournaments are best to enter first

If you're going to play the slot games anyway, see if a casino offers any free roll slot tournaments for you to enter. Each tournament usually has a specific slot game you need to play. However, while some tournaments ask for an entry fee, the free rolls do not. This means you can enter and play as usual, while having an opportunity to try and find some extra prize potential in the tournament itself.

How much do paid slot tournaments cost to enter?

It depends. Usually, you'd see entry fees listed with each tourney. This is the amount you pay to enter, and it could be a couple of dollars, $5, or more. You tend to see the events with bigger prize pools asking for larger entry fees, which makes sense.

In some cases, there could also be a rebuy fee. In this case, you can play in the event for a set time, and if you want to play again, you'll need to pay the rebuy fee to get back in and continue playing.

For newcomers, we'd suggest the freerolls first, followed by paid tournaments if you like them, and preferably those without rebuy fees to start with.

Which is best: A free or paid slot tournament?

The freerolls are attractive because they give you a chance to play a slot you might have played anyway, with those same wagers, without paying extra to enter the tournament. Sure, the prize pools are likely to be smaller, but they're another possibility and offer an additional chance to get a prize.

If you're going for a tournament with a bigger prize pool, you should look for the

paid tournaments, as they usually have more prizes or at least one bigger prize to go for.

Can you find tournaments at all online casinos?

No. However, there are plenty of leading casinos that do offer tournaments, so if you like the idea of taking part in some of them, you can do so by looking for a site you could join in your jurisdiction.

Be aware that some casinos only offer the occasional tournament, perhaps connected with a seasonal event or occasion. We've seen some do tournaments for the spring or summer, for example, while others do them around Christmas and at other times too. Conversely, some casinos regularly offer tournaments - every day in some cases. These sites tend to have a clear tournament area to visit via the menu, so they are easier to find and explore when you're ready.

How much are the prizes worth?

It depends on the tournament you enter. Some have a fixed prize pool available, so you know what the prize is going to be before you take part. In some cases, there could be multiple prizes for those finishing in the first few positions.

In other cases, the prize pool depends on the number of people taking part. In this instance, the entry fees could go into the prize pool, and sometimes portions of each bet will go in there as well. You can usually find out how each tournament works before you take part though, so you're able to see which ones look most promising to you.