Free Chips

Have you heard about free chips? Not the savory kind but the ones you might find in online casinos. While some casinos don't worry about offering them to their players, those that do tend to find they're a popular offer.

We decided to give you more information about casino free chips here. If you see any in future, you'll know what to look for.

How can you pick up a free casino chip?

There are several ways you can do this. Some casinos create a welcome bonus that comes with a free chip attached. The usual bonus would be a percentage deal, like a match bonus on your first deposit. However, some sites decide to add a free chip too, to act as another sweetener for new depositors.

Another way to get a free chip is to stay tuned to the promotions area at any casino you join. We did say that some casinos offer these, and others don't, but our best advice is to assume they might pop up on any site at any moment. This gets you into a habit of checking for them to appear among other deals, so you can always read about an available free chip to see if you want to claim one.

Some casinos also offer them to VIP players rather than to all members. You might see the chips offered as a reward for reaching a certain level in the rewards program. Alternatively, they may only be available if you are invited to join the VIP program, rather than at a certain stage of a program every paying player can join.

Another way to spot free chips - and one that looks more popular today - is to offer a chip to those who make a deposit via certain methods. The one that might come to mind here is Bitcoin. We've noticed several casinos offering a bigger deposit bonus plus a free chip to depositors choosing Bitcoin to fund their casino account.

How much is a free chip worth?

They vary between around $5 to $10 or similar in another currency, to around $50 and even way above that. The trick here is to read the details surrounding any free chip you find. If you see that there are no wagering requirements for a free chip, it is far more likely to be of a lower value. The casino can afford to give away bigger values if they ask you to wager them several times over before you can take any cash out of your account.

Are they sticky?

Is that an odd question?! No, not when you realize what the term means. If you visit a casino and collect a free chip, you may find they tell you it is sticky. This means the chip value remains with the casino. So, if you collect a chip worth $10 and you go on to scoop, say, $95 in prizes, you can withdraw $85 at most. This deducts the value of the chip.

Of course, you need to remember about any connected wagering requirements. If there are some, you need to complete them before you can make a withdrawal.